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The simplest way to buy and sell gigs.

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Unleash Your Projects

The first marketplace, where you can pay with Ether and earn Ether

Earn Ether by freelancing

Offer your skills and earn Ether

Spend your Ether

Use your crypto to pay freelancers for their work

Earn Ether by solving disputes

Solve disputes and get rewarded in Ether

Finally, upgrade your Privacy

The first marketplace without censorship and without the need for a banking account

Integrated Wallet

Use your integrated Wallet to store and send Ether. You can easily deposit and withdraw Ether without any hassle.

Earn Ether

Blocklancer is the perfect place to earn Ether. You can earn Ether by offering your services or by solving disputes.

Community-driven dispute resolution

Disputes between Sellers and Buyers are directly resolved by the community.

Become the Best

You can upgrade your profile by achieving new levels. Try to become the seller with the highest level.

The Lancer Token

Stake LNC, solve disputes, earn Ether

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Explore unique gigs

Blocklancer is uncensored, therefore you will find lots of unique gigs